The key direction

Payment software

TECHNO provides the IT solutions for the financial companies. However, our core expertise is the technologies around the credit card processing systems.

Mobile wallet

TECHNO′s Mobile Wallet - the mobile solution for contactless payments based on the HCE tech (when the card is issued on the customer′s smartphone)

Mobile Bank

Mobile bank - is the solution to deliver the full stack of bank services through the application on the mobile device (Android, iOS). The solution has the nice and comfortable design.

Software for EFT POS terminals

POS Software Package allows to adapt POS terminal to the Customer′s demands. Any payment or loyalty program business logic can be supported. The existing set of functionality includes acquiring features, integration with several backoffice hosts, remote terminal management (TMS) and remote key upload. Terminal Management System allows the distant control over the POS terminal network and allows to decrease the usage costs as well as the new terminal adding costs.

Software for loyalty systems and fuel cards

This software support the opeartions processing for the fuel cards and loyalty cards. allows the flexible configuration of the marketing events. The full set of services rquired by Customer′s clients is already integrated. It also allows the monitoring of earnings/expenses on cards with a link to location. Allows to make offlice purchases, remote cards deactivation and flexible limits.

Huge experience

Mobile applications

Trackman 2
Камеры Перми
Транспорт Перми
Едем вместе
Stay Clean
Barcode scanner

We develop modern, intuitive and attractive mobile applications for all platforms, incorporating the latest trends and technologies.

iOS and Android

iOS and Android

Parallel development and concurrent updates release.

Unique design

Unique design

We design attractive and user-friendly interfaces enjoyed by our customers.

Native applications

Native applications

No crossplatform and WEB-based technologies. Each system is unique and requires its own special approach.

Stable work

Stable work

We perform testing at all stages of development to ensure products quality.

Increase efficiency

Information systems

Microsoft SQL Server

We will analyze the requirements of your business, develop a solution, prepare all necessary documentation, implement the solution and support it in production.

Loyalty solutions

Our highly qualified experts will provide consultancy, design a solution and implement a loyalty program to retain customers and provide them with a wider range of opportunities and services. We will also help to design and implement all necessary controls to ensure information security for loyalty program operations.

Internal systems and services

Our unique experience will make your company′s business processes transparent, simple and convenient, and the latest technologies will help optimize internal work up to partial or complex automation.

Business solutions

We develop fully customized software solutions that help our Clients to automate their businesses increasing efficiency of work and bringing the quality of customer service to a new level.